Magic Xperience

Magic Xperience


82000 Montauban

+33 (0) 5 63 67 81 20

Latitude : 43.994423
Longitude : 1.388532


Easter eggs

Join us and be amazed thanks to your Magic Xperience application discovering the Easter Bunny colorful village. The sounds, scenery and colors of the scene will transport you to a small, hidden, Magic Xperience universe…In this town, you will soon be able to follow the adventures of our favorite worldwide popular Easter bunny.
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Toudini and the rabbit

Toudini is getting ready to perform a great magic act. He wants to transform his rabbit into a small fish.

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Animal postcards

You have always dreamt of seeing tigers, lions, rhinoceros and others animals from Africa but you never had the opportunity?? You don’t want to go in a zoo and see those animals in captivity...